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Amazon History

Amazon History from a garage to the Best Online Seller. Know more about Amazon History and Amazon Story.

Amazon History

A History and Introduction of Amazon, from a garage to 'Best Online Retailer.'
Amazon History
Amazon History

Birth of Amazon

Who was knowing that one day a boy, who spent summers at his grandparent's ranch in southern Texas, laying pipe, vaccinating cattle and maintained windmills, will become the founder of 'Best Online Retailer-Amazon'. And would create an 'Amazon History'.
Amazon History
Amazon History

From his childhood, only Jeff Bezos was an ambitious personality. When he was 18 years old he wanted to build amusement parks, space hotels and colonies for 2 million or 3 million people who would be in orbit. The whole idea is to preserve the earth and the planet would become a park.

The year 1994 came Jeff Bezos was working diligently on Wall Street. But 30-year-old Jeff Bezos was observing the highly increasing internet revolution. He decided to quit his job and start an internet company.

The initial capital for the startup came from his parent's personal savings. He made a list of 'Top 20' products that he could potentially sell on the internet, he decided to sell books because they are lower cost and a universal demand. And this idea worked in his favour.
in this manner, 'Amazon' was founded on July 5, 1994, by Jeff Bezos.

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Amazon History - Its Rise

Amazon which is a multinational technology company focusing on the sector such as e-commerce, cloud computing and artificial intelligence. It's market capitalisation, disruptive innovations, brand equity and hyper-competitive application process, has made it one of the 'Big Four' or so-called 'Four Horseman' of technology along with Google, Facebook and Apple.

In terms of revenue and market capitalisation, it is the largest e-commerce marketplace and cloud computing platform in the world. Amazon's efficient working mechanism and genuine products had made it as one of the most public valuable company.

Jeff Bezos has founded Amazon with books and another top 20 products but in 1995 Amazon included video downloads and streaming, audio MP3 downloads and streaming in its products.
When Jeff Bezos got a good response from its customer, Amazon completely diversified itself by selling, electronics, food, apparels, toys, furniture, software, gadgets and everything that can be sold expect living things.

Having tasted the successful taste in the books and entertainment section, Amazon started its own Amazon publishing and television station. The Amazon studios started producing consumer electronics tools and gadgets like Kindle-e-Reader, Fire Tablets, Fire TV and Echo Devices.
Whereas its AWS subsidiary made Amazon as the world's largest provider of Cloud Infrastructure Services.

One can imagine a big giant company that was destroying its competitors with its good, authentic, reliable services and acquiring policies. Its popularity went to zenith as it became the largest Internet Company in the world in terms of revenue and the second largest employer in the United States. It would not be wrong if I say that Amazon openly challenged may traditional established retailers of the United States.

Amazon History - Amazon Products and Services

As we have already mentioned Amazon was started as 'Online Bookseller' and later it diversified itself with various products. The products available at Amazon's website includes Books, Dvd's, Music, CDs, Videotapes, Software, Games, Toys, Automobile items, Beauty Products, Consumer Electronics, Apparel, Baby, Products, Tools, Sporting Goods, Musical Instruments, Gourmet Food, Groceries, Health and Personal care items, Industrial and Scientific Supplies, Kitchen items, Watches, Jewellery, Garden Items etc.

Here I would like to give my own words on Amazon that Amazon sells everything that can be sold on the earth, except living things. In my view, that day is also not so far when Amazon would step in pets and animal section......(please take my words in a positive and inspirational purpose).

Some other products of Amazon includes are as follows:

  • Amazon Fresh
  • Amazon Wireless
  • Amazon Prime
  • Amazon Studios
  • Amazon Alexa
  • Amazon Digital Game Store
  • Amazon App Store
  • Music Unlimited
  • Amazon Drive
  • Amazon Music
  • Amazon Echo
  • Kindle Store
  • Amazon Kindle
  • Amazon Video
  • Amazon Fire Tablets
  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Amazon Web Series
Amazon History - Subsidiaries of Amazon

Amazon's rapidly growing business and acquiring policy resulted in many subsidiaries of Amazon. Till now Amazon owns over 44 subsidiaries like Amazon Robotics, Audible, Good Reads, Zappos, ShopBop,, Teachstreet etc,.

Here follows a list of Amazon's major subsidiaries:


A9.Com has been an Amazon subsidiary since 2003. It focuses on researching and building Innovative Technology.

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Amazon Maritime

As we know Amazon is a multinational company so it needs to transport materials or products from one country to another. So Amazon Maritime holds a Federal Maritime Commission License to operate as a non-vessel owning common carrier, which enables the company to transport its own shipments from Chine to the United States.


Amazon bought Audible in March 2008 and it became a subsidiary of Amazon at the cost of $300 Million. It is a producer and seller of spoken audio entertainment, information and educational programming on the Internet. Audible sells digital audiobooks,  radio and TV programmes, audio versions of magazines and newspapers. It has become the world,s largest, producer of audiobooks that can be downloaded.

Beijing Century Joyo Courier Services

Beijing Century Joyo Courier Services is a subsidiary of Amazon with the license from United States Maritime Commission for transporting its shipments. Amazon is also building out its logistics in trucking and air freight to potentially increase its operational area.

Brilliance Audio

Brilliance Audio invented a unique technique to record twice as much on the same cassette in 1984. This revolutionised the audiobook market and made expensive books affordable. In 2007 the company was purchased by Amazon and now it operates as an independent company within Amazon.


In April 2014 Amazon bought ComiXology. It is a cloud-based platform, that offers digital comics.


Amazon bought CreateSpace and made its subsidiary in 2009. CreateSpace is a platform for independent content creators, publishers, film studios, and music labels that offer self-publishing facility.


Amazon bought GoodReads in March 2013. Basically, Goodreads is a social cataloguing website, where users can sign up and register book to generate library catalogues and reading lists. Users can also create their own groups of book suggestions and discussions.


Amazon bought Lab126 in 2004. Lab126 is a company that develops integrated consumer electronics like Kindle, etc,.


Amazon bought Shelfari in August 2008. Basically, Shelfari was a social cataloguing website for books and magazines. In 2016 Amazon merged Shelfari with GoodReads and closed Shelfari.


Amazon bought Souq on 28 March 2017 at the cost of $580 Million and Souq became a subsidiary of Amazon. Souq is the largest e-commerce platform in the middle east with Dubai, UAE, at its centre.


Twitch was a live streaming platform primarily for video gaming content. In September 2014 Amazon acquired Twitch at the cost of $970 Billion.

Whole Foods Market

On 28 August 2017 Amazon closed a deal with Whole Foods Market and made it as its subsidiary.
Basically Whole Foods Market is an American supermarket chain that offers food without any adulteration, artificial preservatives and in natural flavours.

Amazon History - Various Amazon Websites

As Amazon is growing day by day, so Amazon localised its centres in the operational country as its brand.  Every operational Amazon website has the country code as its domain name for the easy operation and facilitation of its trade.

Some of them are as follows:

SITE URL                   
September 2004
June 2013
November 2000
July 2017
September 2018
August 2000
October 1998
November 2010
November 2014
September 2011
 United Kingdom
October 1998
North America
June 2002
August 2013
 United States
July 1995
November 2017
South America

Amazon History - Amazon Reviews

Amazon company is among the first of its kind that allowed its users to submit reviews to its webpage for each and every product. It also provided a 5 scale rating system for rating the products. It provided a badging system for its review that illustrates the authenticity of any review. Even it allowed negative reviews at its review page.

According to Jeff Bezos Amazon has taken a different approach as they want to make every book available, the good, the bed, and the ugly to let the truth loose.

Amazon History - Amazon Controversies

From the beginning, since its foundation, Amazon has attracted controversy and criticism from various sources over its actions, operandi and mechanism.
These include forming a partnership with the CIA over cloud computing, luring costumers, providing facial recognition surveillance tools to governmental agencies, unconditional warehouse conditions for workers, price discrimination etc as many more are there,.

Some of the biggest controversies associated with Amazon are as follows:

Selling Counterfeit Items

On 16 October 2016, Apple filed a trademark violation case against Mobile StarLLc for selling counterfeit Apple products to Amazon. Apple provided ample evidence that Amazon was selling the counterfeit Apple products and advertising them as genuine.

Sales and Use Taxes

Amazon has changed its state sales and tax collection policy over the years since it did not collect any sales tax in its early years. But later on, many United State states have passed online shopping sales tax laws in recent years which made mandatory for Amazon and other e-commerce retailers to collect state and local sales tax from its customers.

Working Conditions

Amazon has been critically criticised for working conditions by its former and current employees, media and others. In 2011 at the Breinigsville warehouse, workers had to carry out work in 100F heat that resulted in their dehydration, faint and collapse.

Some workers who were the 'Pickers'  and use to travel with trolley and a handheld scanner for picking customers orders have to travel miles in a single working day.
The handheld scanners gave actual time track of how the employee is working either fast or slow and how much time they sit idle. It gave the actual location of the employee. 

Several investigations by prominent media outfits have reported poor working conditions at Amazon's fulfilment centres and Amazon's delivery drivers.

Conflict of Interests

In 2013 Amazon made contracts with the CIA at the cost of US$ 600 Million, which poses a potential conflict of interests.

Facial Recognition Technology and Law Enforcement Agencies

Amazon has supplied facial recognition support to law enforcement and other governmental agencies as technology and consulting services. And it's very contradictory that at public platforms Amazon has opposed secret government surveillance.

Amazon History - Amazon Revenue

In terms of revenue, Amazon is the largest Internet company in the world.

Some of its revenue statics are as follows:
Amazon History
Amazon History

Amazon History - List of Company Acquired By Amazon

From its foundation, only Amazon has followed an acquiring policy for improving its market potential, availability, and product services. As far as till now Amazon has acquired 44 companies and made them as it's subsidiary.

Some of it's acquired company are as follows:
  • 2013:- IVONA Software, Liquavista and GoodReads
  • 2012:- Kiva Systems, EVI and TeachStreet
  • 2011:-LoveFilm, Yap, PushButton and The Book Depository.
  • 2010:- Toby Press
  • 2009:- Zappos, Stanza, SnapTell and Lexcycle
  • 2008:- Box Office Mojo, Audible.Com, AbeBooks,, Shelfari and Reflexive Entertainment
  • 2007:- Brilliance Audio and DPReview.Com
  • 2006:-ShopBop
  • 2005:- CreateSpace.Com, Mobipocket.Com and BookSurge
  • 2004:- Joyo.Com
  • 2003:-CDNow
  • 1999:- Exchange.Com, Alex, Accept.Com and Internet Movie Database (IMDb)
  • 1998:- Junglee.Com, PlanetAll and

Amazon History - Conclusion

We can conclude that every big setup possesses both the coins some appraisals and some criticisms.
But in the case of Amazon, its appraisals has surpassed criticisms. It was the true ambition and dedication of Sir Jeff Bezos that he took Amazon to a zenith in the e-commerce and online retailer sector. We hope that in future Amazon will come up with new innovations, technology and amazing ideas.

At last some good words paragraphing Sir Jeff Bezos:
  1. We should be STUBBORN about our vision.
  2. We should be FLEXIBLE in our approach to solve a problem.
  3. We should be NEVER GIVE UP on things easily.
Some Milestones Of Amazon

Amazon History
Amazon History
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